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Your engagement is a special time in your life that you both should enjoy, let me help with the details.


 Your wedding should reflect your unique personalities and style.

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Thank you for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as can.

You have probably never planned a wedding before. Having worked with thousands of brides and grooms, I know it can be very stressful and intimidating just to get stated. I know you need answers, but you are not sure what questions to ask. Wouldn't it be great if someone could help you through every step? I will help you build a time-line that will work for you, and all of the vendors. I have helped guide thousands of brides and grooms, and parents plan for the day's events, and make the most of their budget, and have the time of their lives. This is why it is so important to speak with your potential Wedding DJ / Entertainer / Wedding Planner / Master of Ceremony, and not just send out emails asking what do you charge.  I am being as honest as I can be about this. I can appreciate that everyone is working with a budget for their wedding or event. However, budgeting more money for the chair covers, ribbons for the chair covers, guest favors, centerpieces, etc., rather than the best entertainment you can find, might leave you and your guests disappointed.


Something to think about - here is an example: Let's say you have 200 guests attending your wedding or event. Chair covers often run $3.00-$10.00 a chair. Guest favors can cost $3.00-$$$$ what ever you want to spend. Let's just average the cost for the covers at $5.00, and the favors at $5.00 per guest. 200 x $10.00=$2000.00  Wow! Please don't misunderstand me. I know those items can be important, but I am pretty sure those things won't make up for bad entertainment. I doubt you want your guests saying  " The entertainment was bad, we left early, but you should have seen the chair covers! "  I am not trying to sound cute or offend anyone, but I don't often get to offer this advice or make these comments until it's too late and people are over their budget. Everyone deserves to have a great time, and your entertainment will have a great deal to do with that.

With regard to price.

You should budget and invest around $1500-$2000 for your entertainment. Price will depend on: total hours, location, lighting, extra equipment, and ceremony. That's around $5.00-$10.00 per person, depending on your number of guests.

What to look for.

You should be looking to hire someone who can do it all, a full-time Professional Wedding DJ / Entertainer / Wedding Coordinator / Master of Ceremony with on-site back-up equipment and the right music for your occasion. First and foremost, you need to find that person with a unique personality and the experience to make sure your celebration is a success! Someone you think your family and friends will enjoy and have fun with. This person will need to understand you and what you want, and your unique personality and style. This person will eventually have an enormous amount of responsibility to provide the entertainment, coordination and direction for your celebration. This person will need to be in business 6 months to a year or more from now. Also, you should know if this person will be the one providing the entertainment service, or some random employee. What back-up plan do they have with regard to equipment failure, back-up power (generator), transportation, etc.



A Professional Wedding DJ / Entertainer should ask certain questions and would need more information before quoting you a price for their service.


  • What type of celebration are you planning?

  • Are you planning a wedding, will you need ceremony music?

  • Will you require microphones and extra sound equipment for the ceremony?

  • Are the ceremony and reception in two different locations?

  • Does the ceremony and/or reception take place outside?

  • Will you require a generator?

  • Lighting?

  • How far will I need to travel to the location?

  • How many total hours of service will you need?

  • Are there any special requests that would require extra time invested on behalf of the Wedding DJ ?


These are just some of the questions that should be discussed before a price quote. This is why it is difficult to quote a price through email because something usually gets misinterpreted or overlooked. As I mentioned earlier, if you are only sending out emails looking at prices, it is impossible to know who or what you are getting for that price.



When you are considering me as your Wedding DJ / Entertainer, what you are really investing in is me!  Sure, I have great equipment and it is backed up. However, what is most important are my qualifications, personality, experience, and how I make you feel relaxed and confident that you will get through this. It isn't just what I do the day of the event, it was all of the time and preparation we did leading up to your big day. You will be trusting and relying on me to make sure that everything goes smoothly and is on time, and that everyone is having a great time, including the two of you. Absolutely, you are going to have fun at your own wedding, especially when you have someone there answering questions and helping you through all the preparation, and someone who is willing to go above and beyond to make that happen.


Please plan to spend some time on the phone speaking with possible entertainers to find out more about their personality, experience, and qualifications.


The time you spend now finding the right person for your event will absolutely make a difference.


By us spending just a few minutes on the phone, I am hopeful that you will start to feel that I am someone you can work with and someone who understands what you both are looking for. George  231-947-5271

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