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 Except for a few personal photos, all of the images were taken at events where George provided the entertainment.


People make comments like this to me all the time. “We have never had as much fun dancing as we did tonight, you were awesome.” or “Our family never dances this much” or “I love this song, we haven't heard it in years”.  I guess it seems a little weird to me to hear comments like that when people dance at all my weddings and events, usually all night long unless they get too tired. So I wonder what is going on out there.


It isn't enough to call yourself a DJ, have speakers and a website. If it was that easy, everybody would be a DJ. Oh wait, maybe that's what's going on!  I don't know why some people think planning a wedding or an event and then entertaining a crowd of guests with great music for 5-10 hours is easy.


From my experience planning any event, especially a wedding, over months and months, and many times over a year, can be very emotional and stressful. That is why I do my best to answer every email and phone call as fast as possible.


It may appear that you are only paying for 5-6 hours of music, but you are receiving so much more. 


Let's take a closer look:


  • Preparing and printing out the time-line, list of songs, list of names to be announced, and all other documents that are required to be ready for the event.


  • Finding and purchasing and downloading all the music that is needed for the event. Transferring and updating all of the hard-drives with all the new music and titles.


  • The investment and maintenance of equipment, vehicle cost, vehicle maintenance, insurance, liability & equipment insurance, set-up and tear-down, travel time to and from the event, “it's time to get my tux cleaned”, website, office space, storage, and other expenses that add up to the overall success of your special event.


So yes, it may appear that you are only paying for 5-6 hours of music, but you can see that there is a great deal of expense, time, and effort that goes into a successful, and fun event.


Let's not forget perhaps what's most important. Your DJ / Entertainer should be someone that has a great sense of humor, is articulate and creative. Someone who has a great knowledge of music, and is not limited to current songs played on the car radio on the way to your event. Someone you trust with the responsibility for your event. Someone you think your friends and family will get a big kick out of, enjoy and have fun with.

 Just think, all of this for the cost of a chair cover.

Reserve the Date


A deposit is required to confirm and reserve your requested date. If you would prefer, I would be happy to offer you a payment plan for your convenience, since I realize there are many fees and expenses to be paid in advance of your event.


If your desired date is already reserved for another event, I will do my best to help you find another wedding DJ / Entertainment source with a reputation for providing professional entertainment for their clients.

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