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Bowers Harbor, Old Mission Peninsula, Traverse City, MI

My love for music came from growing up in the Metro Detroit area. Everybody listened to the radio back then from the time you got up until your mother said turn that off and go to bed. I was exposed to so much great music living in Metro Detroit. It didn't matter if we were playing baseball, riding our bikes, or playing hockey, it was just what we did. I also had a passion for great sound, and of course back then, great sound was loud!  


Music was such a big part of my life that by the time I was 21 years old I think I had been to well over 200 concerts. I started DJ'ing in high school providing music for my homecoming dance, prom, and several school dances for other schools in the Metro Detroit area. I did my first wedding reception when I was a senior in high school. After that first wedding, the DJ thing went crazy. It seemed like I was DJ'ing some kind of event almost every weekend. Looking back, I worked hard, but I was learning so much. For fun and to decompress after a long weekend, I played a lot of tennis and went sailing as much as I could. I fell in love with Northern Michigan when I was looking for great beaches and big wind to windsurf. I found so many cool beaches and met so many great people. I was having a blast. Each time I had to go home, it became harder to pack up my gear and head back to Metro Detroit. The years to follow, I met my beautiful wife Lenette, built a house, continued to work hard and play hard, just enjoying life.


Starting out, I couldn't have imagined being a Wedding DJ most of my life. However, I can honestly say that after all the years, it continues to be so much fun, and a great honor witnessing and being a part of so many joyous celebrations.


It was always a dream, of course, but now Lenette and I call Northern Michigan and Traverse City home.  


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